Say administration no more. Get started with Softadmin® - a low code platform built for efficiency and real automation regardless of your business and size.

Softadmin® - The customized standard system

Softadmin® is built on standard components with a strong flexibility and scalability in mind. This is key to the customizability and the track record for our successful clients.

Mobile business with the app Softadmin® Go!

Whether you work at the office or while on the go you will always have access to the same features you have on your desktop in your phone. Such as reports, key figures and transaction data.

Integrating is winning

Integration and Softadmin® is a no brainer. The platform is prepared for different types of integration connectors with other standard systems.

Automatic data processing

Speed is one of Softadmin®´s core recipes for success. Building a simple booking system? It takes minutes. On the hunt for something more complex? Go ahead and dig in to the home of complex workflows and data processing.


Nothing is better than seeing it with your own eyes! Create a quick prototype for free and increase your power whenever you want with Microsoft Cloud! Run Softadmin® in Azure and take advantage of Microsoft security, privacy, transparency, and the most compliance coverage of any cloud provider.

Multiple business areas – one platform

Billing, ordering, booking and project management, case and resource management, collection and membership management. Why not something completely different? The end of silos is here as you can build all your system support in Softadmin®.

Goodbye licensing (you will not be missed)

1, 30 or 15 000 users? It simply does not matter. Softadmin® is built for scalability, and so is the pricing. You pay for the power you need, not the amount of users.

Your processes' best friend

Softadmin® is designed for business processes that change quickly and often. You cannot find a better solution than the one that is perfectly adapted to your business. We have done everything we can to make Softadmin® to be that solution. Try it!
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