Detail view

The Detail View page presents details about a certain object, for instance a company or project. You are given a good overview about the object through info boxes and tabs that contains subordinate information.

Top Buttons

One or more top buttons can be displayed above the Info boxes. These buttons should be used to navigate to actions regarding the object, for instance to edit the company’s information.

More features:

  • Information rows can be displayed for warnings about the object.
  • Choose icons from a large library
  • Hide or display buttons and information according to the end user’s rights.

Info Boxes

Most Detail View pages contain Info boxes that are displayed at the top of the page. They present often detailed information about the object. It is also possible to display charts, pictures, gauge meters and raw text.

More features:

  • Fields are able to be links to email or menu items
  • The heading of the Info box may be a link
  • The Info boxes are collapsible and expandable


The bottom part of a Detail View page consists of several tabs. Every tab contains subordinate objects, for instance the company’s employees or the company’s invoices. Even though the Grid component is the most common page template to be used in a tab, the tab can display any of Softadmin®’s 12 page templates.

More features:

  • Display numbers on the tabs, for instance the amount of rows the tab contains.
  • Refresh the whole page after data is changed in a tab.
  • Dynamic amount of tabs.
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