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Softadmin® Assistant is an extension for SQL Server Management Studio that empowers development of Softadmin® applications e.g. by being able to open stored procedures directly from within Softadmin®.

Extra hotkeys for the SQL-editor

You can find the new hotkeys in the context menu easily by looking for the assistant icon assigned to each hotkey.

Open object in New Query (F1)

Place your marker on the object name with underlying code, e.g. a stored procedure and call Open Object in New Query to open the object’s code in a new window.

Quick Open Object in New Query (CTRL + T)

Launch a new query window to search for object names in the database. When you select a object the code will open in a new query window.  You may filter the internal object names on and off at any time by using the SA-button in the search field.

Open Softadmin® Assistant (CTRL + J)

This will open up the assistant window for the selected database. This hotkey is the only way to add new databases in the assistant window database list.

The assistant window

The assistant includes a version of Object Explorer that shows the object grouped by schema and name rather than type. It will also filter out the interal platform objects into two separate tree-views.

You can use the search window to filter on object names and if you click on the search button a search is being executed within the procedures code instead of their names.

To open the assistant, use the context menu in the SQL editor.

Hot keys

The assistant has a standard setup of hot keys. If you want to change these, open Tools>Options>Environment>Keyboard. From here you can see all available hot keys by filter on “show commands containing”. If your hot keys are not working, you need to look up the other  hotkeys that use the same combination and click remove.

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